Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Traveling Framer, Hall C.155

In the 20 years Claudette Ingram was at the old Historic Lakewood and 5 years at Lakewood 400, she and her family have framed an array of items while their customers shopped the show.
The Traveling Framer offers quality custom framing on the spot. They specialize in antique and collectible framing, from canvas to shadow boxes, prints, photography and collectible items such as sports items. Additional services include shrink wrap, mats and glass replacement.
Wes Hall, a regular to Lakewood 400, says, "The Traveling Framer is the best place to get all of your framing done. They have a good selection of frames and can get the framing done while you shop most of the time. I will always go to them first to get my framing done. And I think that their pricing is very good."
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