Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Herman & Lorraine Tannenbaum......

When you find yourself in Hall G at the show, be sure to look for Herman's booth.....he and his wife Lorraine have a wonderfully eclectic offering of unique pieces.....

...like this amazing portrait done by the famous artist Robert Wesley Amick, a turn of the century artist who specialized in Western scenes, but did portraits to supplement his income.

This great vintage oak chair came from the home of TV actor Wes Sarginson.

And how unique to find a 1930's portrait of Charles Lindburgh on a beautiful gold-edge plate.

Here is a Victorian enhanced photo of water maidens with unique ornamental tin corners on the frame.....

.....and a beautiful old German clock.

From original paintings...... to clocks...... to furniture, silver and glass, They have something for everyone!

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